About us


TheDirectClient is brought into action by an aspiring and enthusiastic software professional, with several years of experience in IT in various domains and in various technologies. Having seen different phases in the field of job search, having seen/heard different experiences from friends and colleagues,  having observed different job boards clogged up with multiple job postings making the candidate confused as to what they are getting into, this little idea was born.

TheDirectClient.com is born on to the fact to benefit the prime vendors and the candidates who work independently or via a sponsor. This will facilitate to remove any layers and work directly with each other. The monetary benefit to the candidate and healthy candidate/client relationship to the vendor are the main outcomes of using our job board.

This is beneficial for everyone of you in the long run irrespective of the market is up or down.

Special thanks to founder/CEO of Lucidjobs.com without whom this very idea would have not taken a shape. Also, Special thanks to all my friends and colleagues for taking every initiative to propagate to every one of their acquaintance. Special thanks to all those recruiters who have become regular visitors and tasting success already.


The Direct Client Team

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